Yes, I originally created eretzyisrael. That was 3 years ago. It was a secular blog and very typically pro-Israel. I still owned that blog when I began interacting friendly with Mo and other Palestinians and Muslims on Tumblr. I was in the liberal Zionist J Street U, actually I was the chair of the largest chapter for a year, and the blog was liberal. I was pro-Israel because that is the liberal thing to do in America. This led to us creating Shalom Salaam and giving peace a chance… The right-wing Zionists — who control eretzyisrael today — didn’t like that and stole the username from me and recreated eretzyisrael into what it is now.

I continued interacting with the same people I am interacting with today and my views changed. I read and learned and grew. That’s how I became a supporter of the Palestinian cause.

It isn’t a conspiracy. It isn’t even that interesting. There are numerous blogs that can attest to my slow progression over a three year period towards the stance that I hold today.

okay but how about the fact that you lied to tons of Jews about being Jewish?? or if you think lied is too strong of a word, ~misled~. or is that okay to you?